Konjit has written a book titled ‘Surviving the red terror’ while she was in the battle field. She hand wrote this book on her notepad and passed it to one of her comrades who later published it. She re-lives her life during the red-terror in this vivid tale which was used as a source for many books written on the infamous red terror.

Surviving the red-terror (Original English version)

Surviving the red terror – Part 1

Surviving the red terror – Part 2

Surviving the red terror – Part 3

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መጽሀፉ በአማርኛ በጓዶቿ ተተርጉሞ በ 2014 እኤአ በየወሩ በሚታተመው ‘ኢትዮጵያ’ ጋዜጣ ላይ ተነቧል። ያገኘነውን ያህል ከዚህ በታች እንቀርበዋለን።

በቀይ ሽብር የሞት ጥላ ስር